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Who rules Eastern Europe commands the heartland, who rules the heartland commands the world.

Halford Mackinder, 1919.


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10 – 1

Posted on Nov 7 by

Who can claim to be the greatest Eastern European talent?

Slavic Football is not represented on World Cup 2014 and it would be a good thing to enjoy XXXPawn episodes while you are watching the cup. Who knows what you buy in this pawn?! A new way of having after-match massage is called milking table and it works very well for all the players. Have you heard about this fake agent that tricks his models? We hope it's not the same in the world of football! Forget about playing football while you can see what's going on with border patrol having sex with immigrants!


20 – 11

Posted on Nov 7 by

Eastern talents based in England, Italy and the Netherlands make the cut.


30 – 21

Posted on Nov 7 by

From Barcelona to Split, Makhachkala to Augsburg – the talent spreads.


40 – 31

Posted on Nov 5 by

Talents from Internazionale, Spartak Moscow and Tottenham Hostpur take centre stage.


So long, Igor.

Posted on Oct 16 by

Igor Štimac has finally departed the Croatian national team after a turbulent spell in charge. But what does his appointment say about Croatian football, and where can the nation go from here?